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Providing Earthquake Relief

On February 27th 2010, Boyeruca, Chile suffered a terrible 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the fifth largest ever recorded. In addition, a moderate tsunami washed ashore in 30 Chilean cities, causing additional devastation. Combined the earthquake and tsunami killed over 500 people… Read the full article »

Positive Aging: An Opportunity to Wake Up

by Jane Ward, London   When the Olympic torch passed through London early in the morning, the seniors I teach welcomed it with a public performance of Tai Chi – and got the locals to join in. It was a… Read the full article »

Our Members on the Front Lines – Paul Kelway

When the BP Platform exploded it created a huge environmental disaster. Spreading oil reached the Gulf Coast, fouling beaches and endangering wildlife. The need for a massive clean-up drew volunteers from all over America.   Among them was Paul Kelway,… Read the full article »

Our Members on the Front Lines – Carol Vernal

Recipient of the Red Cross Hero Award in 2007, Shambhala member Carol Vernal, a registered nurse for 40 years, is the founder of Children’s Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF), which provides medical care and special surgeries for the poor village population… Read the full article »

Our Members on the Front Lines – Taz Tagore

In 2004, Shambhala member Taz Tagore started the Reciprocity Foundation with Adam Bucko, a non-profit organization devoted to working with homeless youth to help them regain and improve their well being.  The Reciprocity Foundation has pioneered a different way to work… Read the full article »