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An Uncommon King

Filmmaker Johanna Lunn is an excellent storyteller, clearly guiding us through the Sakyong’s narrative from ancient to modern, through myth and reality, from the East of Tibetan monastic training to the youthful West of college parties, marathon running, and later… Read the full article »

Shambhala’s First Mobile App

Hive Digital – the global digital platform developer – has just launched the Running with the Mind of Meditation app! The CFO at Hive (the biggest game developer in Brazil) is a leading member of the Shambhala community there.  … Read the full article »

Interfaith Dialogues

To build a good human society, acknowledging the best qualities we share with others is essential. Accordingly, in remarks by Episcopal Bishop Mark Andrus of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and the Reverend Russel Daye of Halifax, Nova Scotia, we… Read the full article »

Providing Earthquake Relief

On February 27th 2010, Boyeruca, Chile suffered a terrible 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the fifth largest ever recorded. In addition, a moderate tsunami washed ashore in 30 Chilean cities, causing additional devastation. Combined the earthquake and tsunami killed over 500 people… Read the full article »

Rediscovering Our Wisdom and Compassion

The ancient kingdom of Shambhala was renowned for the compassion and wisdom of its leaders and citizens. According to the legend of Shambhala, these qualities were the result of unique teachings on enlightened society that the Buddha gave personally to… Read the full article »

All Politics Is Internal

By Larry Barnett   There is a yogic practice in Tibet that takes place in a charnel ground, or what we call a graveyard. Graveyards in Tibet, which is mostly rock, are not the neat and grassy parks we have… Read the full article »

Enlightened Society Events

Shambhala Principle dialogues in four world capital this year   The Shambhala Principle will be a key feature of a series of public dialogues in four cities this year – Chicago, San Francisco, London and New York.   All feature… Read the full article »

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