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Imagining Peace

A Public Gathering in Chicago to Explore Human Nature By Debra Hiers, Shambhala Times Reporter   How incredibly fortunate we are to have come together this weekend to engage in an honest conversation about the relationship between peace and violence,… Read the full article »

Beyond A Broken Window

Practice for Victims of Oklahoma Tornado Our hearts are with the victims of the tornado which struck Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City yesterday. (May 20, 2013). Winds of 200 mph destroyed large parts of the city, destroying entire neighborhoods… Read the full article »

Deepen Our Journey – Transform Our Classrooms

“What is the underlying attitude toward young people going through our education system?”   “What is the relevance of the fundamental view of basic goodness to creating an education model that supports students to become resilient, creative, productive, flourishing human… Read the full article »

Has Genuine Caregiving Become a Luxury?

In late 2012, a group of six Shambhala members who work in the health care field convened to explore how the Shambhala Principle of basic goodness might influence, and potentially transform, health care. The group is still in the process… Read the full article »

Meditation and the Shambhala Principle

“My father told me that basic goodness is not simply a human phenomenon, or something that is experienced only in deep meditation. Rather, it is alive, humming through the universe as an elemental energy that is very ordinary,” writes Sakyong… Read the full article »

Radical Friendliness

Museum educator Alicia Vogl Saenz writes about basic goodness as a transformative principle.   A few years ago, my supervisor and I were planning a training for a group of young adults, mostly college students, who work as artist assistants in… Read the full article »

Introducing Mindfulness: A Practical Guide

A new book by Tessa Watt   We can train ourselves in mindfulness, just as we exercise to keep our bodies healthy. Mindfulness training is free of any religion or dogma, although it draws on the ancient traditions of meditation… Read the full article »

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