“When the earthquake and tusnami happened in Boyeruca a lot of organizations arrived – people, organizations, churches – and they did a good job. And we also arrived, and we stayed.”
Yessica Ulloa, Shambhala Volunteer

Compassion in Action

Providing Earthquake Relief

On February 27th 2010, Boyeruca, Chile suffered a terrible 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the fifth largest ever recorded. In addition, a moderate tsunami washed ashore in 30 Chilean cities, causing additional devastation. Combined the earthquake and tsunami killed over 500 people and brought down over 100,000 adobe houses.


The small fishing village of Boyeruca was devastated and members of our Chilean Shambhala community volunteered to help the residents rebuild their lives and overcome the effects of the natural disaster. Temporary housing, clean water and medical supplies were most essential, and both the Chilean government and international organizations helped provide support.


Though many organizations sent volunteers, Shambhala volunteers arrived and have remained active in the community to provide both material and spiritual support. Francisco Lira, the coordinator of the Shambhala’s coordinating group, offering health care. Others are working in the area of education and rebuilding. The video to the left provides more information about Shambhala members engaged in this humanitarian effort.

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