“Nurses who want to get involved can do so many ways. Volunteers can work with CMAF mobile medical teams and as couriers to deliver supplies to Nepal. Stateside they can collect sutures and wound dressing materials for donations and advocate and inform about the quality of medical care in Nepal.


Working to enhance the lives of Nepalese villages through increased access to healthcare has added significance and purpose to my life. Perhaps it can do the same for others.”


– Carol Vernal,
Founder of Children’s Medical Aid Foundation
From an article in Nurse.com

Compassion in Action

Our Members on the Front Lines – Carol Vernal

Carol Vernal and Villagers in Nepal

Recipient of the Red Cross Hero Award in 2007, Shambhala member Carol Vernal, a registered nurse for 40 years, is the founder of Children’s Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF), which provides medical care and special surgeries for the poor village population in Nepal. Founded in 2004, her work carries her to remote areas, where she and her surgical team offer comprehensive surgery and follow-up care to people who, due to the remoteness of the location, poverty, and lack of availability, are otherwise unable to secure it.


Focused on repairing birth defects which often result in people being ostracized or marginalized by society, CMAF has helped hundreds to regain self-respect and acceptance within their communities. Children’s Medical Aid Foundation facilitates access to needed healthcare services primarily for children and women in unserved and underserved areas in rural Nepal. All those in need receive services regardless of caste, religion, or political beliefs.


Recently, CMAF assisted in the remodeling and reopening of the Chisang Clinic, which has been vacant for three years due to political unrest. The building has been retrofitted to increase capacity, including additional exam/treatment rooms. Kiosks located next to the clinic will provide

Chisang Clinic is now open

enterprise opportunities for local residents and rental income to help sustain the clinic’s operation.


Carol and others volunteer their services to CMAF which has no paid staff. She travels to Nepal yearly to work with the doctors and travels with them to help with patient care.  Such trips are sometimes hazardous and not without risk, but Carol’s courage and devotion to the vision of CMAF keeps her fully engaged.  In 2009, CMAF partnered with Public Health Concern Trust in Nepal (phect-NEPAL) to support Phase I of the Itahari Hospital Project to serve women and children in Eastern Nepal.


For more information about Carol and CMAF, click here.

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