Three screens from the running meditation application: a start screen, a goal setting sceen and a screen showing how to log practice



“Through community-based mindfulness Apps, we discover that we are not alone – we all want to change the world and make it a better and more gentle place.”
Charles Betito Filho, App developer and Shambhala Member 



Mobile Shambhala

Shambhala’s First Mobile App

Hive Digital – the global digital platform developer – has just launched the Running with the Mind of Meditation app! The CFO at Hive (the biggest game developer in Brazil) is a leading member of the Shambhala community there.


Charles Betito Filho, of the São Paulo Shambhala Center, was the inspiration, brains, and motivation behind the 18-month (mais ou menos) project.


Drawing directly from the Sakyong’s book Running With the Mind of Meditation, Charles has shown us exactly what we might be capable of by applying the teachings to our daily lives with exertion and skill.


“This project was something that President Richard Reoch first began to investigate with me while in Chile for the Kalapa Governance Gathering, in 2011,” says Charles. “The main idea was to bring the concepts from the book, Running With the Mind of Meditation, to everyday life so that people can expand that experience.”


It is interesting that the first Shambhala-inspired app – Shambhala’s latest venture into the world of social technology – should be based on running meditation, rather than a traditional meditation timer, practice calendar, or daily contemplation application. However, as we know from the Sakyong’s continued encouragement and emphasis on “embodiment,” sports-as-mind-training is quickly growing in popularity and significance in this modern age. Perhaps it will become a method that Shambhala can harness to connect to greater numbers, and in greater depth.


“I believe that we can use the internet and especially mobile platforms to transform the world,” says Charles. “Through this, we bring people together to share their wisdom and mindful experiences. Through community-based mindfulness Apps, we discover that we are not alone – we all want to change the world and make it a better and more gentle place.”


To read more about the Running With the Mind of Meditation App, please visit the Appstore.


Charles Betito Filho notes that all earnings from this app will go to Shambhala International and to a fund that will be used to build the android version.


Hive is a Brazilian based digital platform developer. Responsible for several major clients around the world, the company is also the biggest game developer in Brazil and one of the leading digital marketing studios in Latin America.  Hive’s website in portuguese, visit: Click here to access the Hive Facebook page

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  2. Jim Mliller says:

    I read the book and now look forward to trying the app! Wish you all the best….

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