From Five Keys to Mindful Communication:


“The qualities of openness are like flashes of light in a dark night. They are radically different from the values of our dominant society, which encourages mindlessness and speed. It’s hard to slow down enough to discover the open quality of communication. Instead, we’re mostly concerned with strategies to get what we need. Our fear-based society is preoccupied by a me- first view: the insatiable hunger of consumerism, the constant paranoia of fearing unseen enemies and the numbing ignorance of losing ourselves in mindless entertainment. These influences are the rocky shoals that make the practice of mindful relationship so perilous.


….I realized that openness is a paradigm shift from one whole way of being into another. I understood that there was a human state of mind of unconditional warmth and curiosity that was available when our barriers dissolve. This openness brings a sense of sacredness and respect to our lives.”


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The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

“We can value and learn from all the conversations in our lives, whether they are pleasant, irritating, or seemingly unimportant.”
– Author Susan Gillis Chapman


Front bookcover for "The Five Keys to Mindful Communication"We want to be seen, heard, and known for who we are, to have our accomplishments celebrated and our suffering comforted. And, when we look more closely, we find that we have an equal need to see, hear, and know others for who they are, to celebrate their joy and empathize with their pain. This mutual need is a fundamental “win-win” that underlies our communication and our relationships, analogous to discovering the root system that connects all the trees that appear to be standing alone in a forest. When we create the time and space to feel our inner longing for authenticity, we realize it is inseparable from ourcapacity to listen and be touched by others. This we-first view about our relationships is one of the central ideas related to the practice of mindful communication in this book.


“In a clear and at times humorous style this encouraging book gives our heart the green light to open. Susan Chapman presents accessible practices from Buddhism and the best in psychology to help this happen.”—David Richo, author of Coming Home to Who You Are


“This is an invaluable resource for anyone who longs for connection with others. Susan Chapman’s simple explanations and engaging stories provide us with practical tools that let us recognize our shared humanity, moving us from a ‘me-first’ approach to a ‘we-first’ one.”—Karen Kissel Wegela, author of The Courage to Be Present and What Really Helps


Susan Gillis Champman has a masters degree in Buddhist and Western psychology from Naropa University, studied with Pema Chodron and was appointed Shastri (senior teacher) for the Vancouver Shambhala Center.


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  1. Molly says:

    Smart thkining – a clever way of looking at it.

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