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SAKYONG MIPHAM is the head of the Shambhala lineage, which is grounded in the power of creating enlightened society in everyday life. With a unique blend of Eastern and Head photo of The SakyongWestern perspectives, he teaches this way of social transformation throughout the world. In addition, he extends his vision to a number of humanitarian projects in Asia and the West. He is the author of the bestselling titles Running with the Mind of Meditation, Ruling Your World, and Turning the Mind into an Ally.

The Shambhala Principle

Just Released

A new book by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Now Available


The Shambhala Principle, Discovering Humanity’s Hidden  Treasure, the newest book by Shambhala lineage holder Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, has just been released by its publisher, Harmony Books and appears in bookstores and for ordering online.


Below is an excerpt form the book.


“Never before has there been a time when reflection on human nature is so important.


These days, challenges come in two spheres: external and internal. Externally, we are challenged by poverty, war, famine, pollution, and climate change caused, in part, by systemic failures of our society to take responsibility for the planet. Internally, we are challenged by our doubt about our own nature, by complex ethical questions, and by a mental culture of speed and aggression that overwhelms us with information, possibilities and distractions.


In this light, human nature is the most important global issue.


The Shambhala Principle invites the reader to join me in this contemplation. Underneath the day-to-day stress, how does it feel to be human? Is there natural goodness, kindness, and strength? At this crossroads, how humanity views itself at some deep level is going to make or break the situation. Can we make the time for such a contemplation, individually and collectively? The simple act of self-reflection has the power to bring us into a more spacious environment. Out of that space, care arises naturally. As more of us feel our goodness, the future of humanity and our planet will shift.


In this light, I reflect on how realizing basic goodness might affect the economy, health, and education. I do this in order to initiate a dialogue about how basic goodness can be applied to society as a whole. In this way, dialogue becomes the method of creating society through exchange, opening new pathways for exploration and development.


To order  The Shambhala Principle, click on the link below


2 Responses to Just Released

  1. Tsultrim Nyi-o says:

    Happy New Year Peace be with you

  2. Karl Miller says:

    Brilliant…I love the concept of this collective consciousness…Natural goodness, kindness, and strength radiating from our people…Will definitely bring about good economy, health, and education that will benefit our society and the future of humanity on our planet…

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